Horse holiday

It is possible to bring your own horse as there are horse boxes and fold on the place. The environment strongly suggests a really nice riding holiday in North Jutland, Denmark. However, do not fear, if you do not have interests for horses – the area is still suitable for: Good walks, enjoying the company at the campfire and other outdoor relaxation.

You can also rent up to 3 Icelandic horses from us. You can go exploring one of the many nearby riding trails in the area. There are great opportunities for more rides in the beautiful countryside around the house. There are hundreds of miles of riding trails in the area – so there’s plenty to explore, even if you decide to take a long riding vacation a few weeks. You can read more about the prices of rent of Icelandic horses at the prices-page. Take a riding holiday in North Jutland, Denmark – you will not regret it!

With us there is a great opportunity for a really lovely, relaxing holiday in the countryside with animals, mainly horses. Bring your own horse or rent one of our Icelandic horses and take a riding vacation in the lovely area of North Jutland, Denmark. Our Icelanders are used to riding, and you do not necessarily have to be used to riding. We can easily arrange small rides with for example children a few days during your stay.

We welcome you with open arms and we can arrange rides from the start. That way you can learn the great scenic area to know – before, and we will make an agreement about this.