§ 1 – Confirmation

The confirmation confirms rental agreement between the tenant and the owner. The agreement is binding. The agreement includes the holiday cottage with all accessories as stated in the description. The holiday cottage can’t, without specific permission, be occupied by more persons than the number stated in the description.

§ 2 – Cleaning and damage

The tenant is responsible for everything that belongs to the holiday cottage, and is also obliged to compensate all damages incurred during the stay that might occur on the holiday cottage and furniture. Should damage occur during the tenancy of the holiday cottage or inventory, the tenant is obliged to immediately notify the owner thereof. All damage must be replaced before departure. If it is discovered after departure there is damages/defects, these will be rectified for the tenant’s expense.

§ 3 – Insurance of tenants

In this agreement there is not signed by owners, any insurance to cover personal injury or damage that may arise for the tenant and his companions during the tenancy.

§ 4 – Force majeure

Owner by reason of force majeure, strikes and epidemic disease and oil-/gasoline limitations or similar, terminate tenancy with immediate effect.

§ 5 – Payment conditions

Within 8 days after receiving the confirmation, deposit has to be paid, and within 20 days before arrival the balance has to be paid. When booking less than 20 days prior to arrival the full rental amount has to be paid immediately upon receipt of confirmation.

§ 6 – Complaints

Any complaints about defects in the holiday cottage shall be notified immediately by phone, letter or e-mail to the owner. The tenant is obliged to grant the owner a reasonable time to correct any shortcomings and help to avoid worsening of the damage and minimize if possible further damage. If the repair is not satisfactory, the owner must be informed immediately.

§ 7 – Termination of Agreement

Tenant may, before the stay starts, terminate this agreement. For proof, we recommend that the termination shall be forwarded to the owner by registered letter or just by e-mail. Termination is effective from the date the owner has received the termination. In such cases the owner is entitled to claim reasonable compensation, with the following requirements without further proof will be raised:

  • Until 70 days before arrival 10% of the total rent, minimum DKK 500,-
  • From 69 to 40 days before arrival 25% of the total rent, minimum DKK 500,-
  • From 39 to 14 days before arrival 80% of the total rent, minimum DKK 500,-
  • From 9 days before arrival 90% of the total rent, minimum DKK 500,-

The tenant is allowed at no extra cost to transfer the rental agreement to another tenant. Notice shall be made in writing to the owner about this.

§ 8 – Cancellation insurance

Tenant shall provide for cancellation insurance if the tenant finds it necessary.

§ 9 – Jurisdiction

Jurisdiction: The district in which the rented holiday cottage is situated.